Kat Christofer

Topic: How WordPress Made My Dreams Come True

Topic Description: Eleven years ago I was working as an editor for almost no money, living in an apartment with no Internet or hot water, and had less than 1500 rupees a week for food and no idea what a DNS was. In 2007 I discovered WordPress, and everything changed. I pulled myself out of poverty, and today I work for Automattic and travel the world. Learn not only my story but also how I did it while helping thousands at the same time. I’ll outline a strategy with free or low-cost resources that anyone can use to make their dreams a reality.

Bio: Kat is a fourth-generation Californian working for Automattic, writing and editing documentation for 400+ WooCommerce products. Previously a journalist, her WordPress journey began 10 years ago at dot.com, then moved to self-hosted and building e-commerce stores for private clients. A digital nomad for two years, she travels full time and is in love with the sea but surfs badly.

Intended Audience: Current and future WordPress/WooCommerce users, entrepreneurs, developers