WordCamp Kathmandu 2017 Account Details

We wanted to post the accounts for the public to see. We want to be transparent and show that, the profit will be utilized for conducting  meetups and  next WordCamp. We wish to continue the spirit of sharing the knowledge to the community in any way possible.

Budget Wrangler: Sweta Shrestha
Prepared by: Sweta Shrestha
Checked by: Yam B Chettri

WORDCAMP KATHMANDU 2017 Expenses (in Nepali Rupees)
Particulars Payments Receipts
Local Sponsors (1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 4 Silver, 3 Bronze, 3 Micro) 554,950
Ticket Sale 229,250
International Sponsor (WordPress Foundation) 203,363
WordCamp Nepal 2012/13/14/15/16 surplus 590,905
Monthly Meetup Expenses (Incl: venue, refreshment, printing) 17,000
Venue 60,000
Lunch, Tea/Snacks 258,400
Tent Rental in Venue 37,000
Multiplug (Purchase) 3,000
Projectors, Screen, Frame hire 10,000
Speaker Training 10,000
Video Shoot & Production 60,000
Audio Video Rental 30,000
Sound System Hire 30,000
Token of Appreciation
T-Shirts 144,900
Custom Tax for Landyards 350
Custom Tax for WooCommerce 10,776
Communications (recharge cards) 3,000
Printings (Flex Banners, Coupons, Stickers and Paper Prints) 68,305
Stationary & Logistics 3,500
Organizer/Sponsor/Speaker Preparation Parties
Volunteers/Organizer Party 6,200
Paypal fee 50
Transportation / Petrol 2,000
After Party 39,000
Miscellaneous Expenses 2,000
Sub Total 888,981 1,578,468
Surplus for WordCamp 2017 and related activities
TOTAL 1,578,468 1,578,468

Thank You Each and Everyone of You!


We would like to thank each and everyone of you for making WordCamp Kathmandu a grand success. We concluded WordCamp Kathmandu on May 20th 2017. This was our second event under the name of WordCamp Kathmandu. WordCamps in Nepal were organized under the name of WordCamp Nepal and had been since the formation of WordPress Nepal in 2011.

Without YOUR support, we would not have been this successful. So, we would like to thank all who helped making WordCamp this grand and awesome. Without Sponsors, WordCamp Kathmandu would have never happened. Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters who have supported this event and making it available to WordPress enthusiasts. Cheers to our organizers and volunteers. Because of them WordCamp Kathmandu happened again this year. Special thanks to all speakers for sharing their knowledge and experience to all WordPressers. Big thanks to all attendees who participated the event helped making the event a success. Also, thanks to all who could not attend the venue, but always helped in the organization of the event and support every possible way for the WordCamp.

WordCamp Kathmandu 2017 has ended, and like this year we would be announcing next year’s WordCamp soon. Stay tuned on our social channels! We hope to make next year’s WordCamp even better and bigger! Dhanyabaad!

Photography Competition Results Out!


Thanks to all attendees who participated in the Photography Competition. We must say, this year had been, by far the toughest year to skim through all the entries. Based on several considerations, we have selected the winners!

Muhammad Adnan
Photo link: here

Detailing on WordCamp 2017 presentation hall setup, well positioned.
New generation is ready: One of the youngest #wcktm2017 speakers.
New technology adaption: Facebook 360 photo capturing and sharing approach.

Rigorous Web
Photo link: here

Giving back to the community: Sponsors stand-board who support WordPress community and made #wcktm2017 possible.
List of most of the Nepal based WordPress companies.
Attendees activities: Their proud moment to search and find own company on that list.

Our Representatives would soon contact you with the gift hamper. Congratulations to the winner! For others, let the competition spirit roll in next year!

WCKTM 2017 Photography Competition


Now if you have been to last year’s WordCamp then you must have known that the attendees were taking some random shots, some of you may have noticed some strangers taking your shot and the first thought that hit your head; do we have a paparazzi on this event?

Well, to cut things short, they weren’t. We had run a photography competition and we are giving continuity to that in this WordCamp too.

Just click any workshop, announcement, activity, rush, success stories, happy faces, singles, groups, food, tickets, t-shirts… Just about anything within the WCKTM 2017. On the very day, upload it to your Facebook timeline or Twitter with hash tag #wcktm2017.

The rules are simple:

  • #wcktm2017 – Do not forget the hashtag.
  • Photographs must be from the event WordCamp Kathmandu 2017 itself and that includes After Party.
  • You can use any type of camera, DSLR, Digital, Mobile, even watches… 
  • No editing the photos or use of filters.
  • Upload as many photos as you like. More the #wcktm2017 photos, more the chances to win. 
  • Picture must be uploaded before mid-night, the same day.
  • Winners will be selected next day based on the frame captured. Here, quality is how you see the event through your devices, not size.

So go on and click as many photographs as you want. Capture your memories, share them with us and get a chance to win amazing gifts! Gifts would be some Swags and it’s totally worth it!